What Our Patients Say

We have so many dental friends and even my sister and bro-in-law are dentists but live out of state. I met Dr. Linda Hu a few years ago at an intensive keyboard workshop and my mom and I became friends with her. Fast forward to 4/22/16, I had called on 4/21 to see if anyone dentists in San Gabriel Valley/Pasadena had open appointment slots. Called two other dentists and one was closed on Friday and the other had already book appointments. Gabriel Dental gave me the 9: 30 AM appointment and since it was my first time, I filled out the mandatory patient info and necessary health chart and insurance paperwork. My top right molar was bothering me for over a week and since I have sensitive gum, I decided it was time to go to a professional for a consultation. Lo and behold, sure enough after taking an x-ray, I had a cavity. =( However, I got a filling and it's all good now! Annette was a dental assistant in teacher and Lucy was a dental assistant and Maria, the front desk receptionist were all pleasant people to interact with. The prices are fair and this clinic takes dental clinic. Call ahead to see if they accept your PPO or HMO insurance plan and bring your driver license and insurance card for them to make a photocopy! If you live in the area and are looking for a dentist with over 15 years of experience, I highly recommend, Dr. Hu! =) Best of luck to you! - Angel C.

My experience at Gabrie Dental Center was exceptional. Dr. Hu was very meticulous, caring, and understanding. The dental team members here are very kind and supportive. When I requested to take Dental X-rays for possible treatments since my insurance would cover it, Dr. Hu denied my request because she did not want to expose me to unnecessary X-ray radiation when no emergency treatment was required at the time. She is a Doctor with high moral principles. - Felix H.

Love Gabrie Dental Center! Super clean office, nice staff, and efficient work done always! Highly recommend! - Erica E.

I been coming to this dental office for years, love how friendly and helpful they are. Dr. Hu is great with adults and children. - Gaby A.

Great staff , patient staff , wonderful dentist and overall staff who care about patients. Dentist will sit and explain procedure before starting anything. Wonderful environment! - Alice M.

Growing up my mom didn't have dental insurance therefore our dental visits were very limited. I decided it was time to use my benefits I got through work and get a check up/cleaning At first, I visited a doctor up the street who totally tried ripping me off. He claimed I had a gum disease and gave me an estimate of 9k of work. Um, what? Hearing this definitely made me afraid of dental visits. My boyfriend kept telling me I should go see Dr. Hu. UGH! I should've taken his advice from the start. I showed the estimate to Dr. Hu and she pretty much said the other dentist was full of crap! Dr. Hu is awesome. She makes you comfortable really cares for her patients. She takes her time to explain everything to you. The staff here is really really friendly and they always greet me by name. BTW, my out of pocket expenses were no where near 9k. Give Dr. Hu & her staff a try. You won't regret it! Let them know Tiffany referred you ;] - Tiffany B.

I recently came here and it was an awesome experience! At first I was nervous as h***. Since I never came here before, I did the normal check up and my dad insisted I should get braces, that same day I got my molds, xrays, regular check ups done in no time! Now I love going to the dentist, I should be getting my braces in a few weeks now. Dr. Hu and her staff are the best, thanks! - Carolina C.

getting my teeth done was never as easy as I thought it would be at Gabrie dental Center. GREAT DENTIST!!! - Anthony G.